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Angular, Linux, Java, MeanStack, HTML, CSS, Node.JS, MongoDB

Job Oriented programme Details:


Process we follow to transform you into a Professional Developer

Job oriented training, Our course is designed by our core team who are from IIT and IISC also CTO’s of software companies , This includes latest technologies ( JAVA , Angular 4/5 , Express JS ,MONGO DB , Node JS , Boot Strap , along with job communications and special focus on English and Public speaking ) , this combination will changes from time to depend on the job requirements.

As per the in-house research and analysis we have found out that graduates who go to institute for acquiring the skills are not spending enough time to gain the skills. We enable the student to focus 5 times more , Also our curriculum includes skill development on presentations, seminars (Public speaking) in guided environment , each student has to give presentations on projects and should participate in group discussions along with public speaking. We also emphasize on English speaking and narration of answers / presentations.

1. It’s a residential training programme for Job seekers in IT , Intensive training duration is 3 months.
2. We provide you the Accommodation, Hygienic food and Good Training - everything under one roof.
3. We give training on latest technologies ( JAVA / MEAN Stack ) along with skill required for getting job.
4. Course includes core JAVA, MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Angular 4/5, Node.js, express), TypeScript, Linux (Ubuntu), HTML , CSS 3, and Bootstrap
5. It is complete in-house residential training, so the student will only have to study and practise and they do not need to waste their time going to training at one location, hostel at one location and food at another location
6. As part of the training program we mandate student/graduate to practice in the lab at-least for 5 hours daily to improve their skills
7. We monitor the effectiveness of the training by giving daily assignments and conducting weekly assessment and mock interviews and provide feedback accordingly.
8. We also have tie up with Start-ups and MNCs for placing the graduates into IT sector once the graduate complete training program.
9. Students can avail the hygenic boarding and food facilities provided in the campus.
10. We support in placement activities till each candidate gets the job.

Mongo DB

Generally we use MySql for Database Connections, its outdated. So we train you on Mongo DB for Database Connections.MongoDB is a document database in which one collection holds different documents. Structure of Objects are very clear here and it makes easy to code.

Objectives of the Course

  • Learn to integrate MongoDB with tools like Jaspersoft and Pentaho
  • Integration of MongoDB with GUI Tool Robomongo
  • Troubleshoot Performance issues.
  • Develop an expertise in writing Java and Node JS applications using MongoDB
  • Learn MongoDB Backup and Recovery options and strategies.
  • How to setup a replicated cluster, Managing ReplicaSets etc.Read More....
  • Docs for Mongo DB

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