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SecondCampus has been committed to providing quality education and knowledge to the SAP ecosystem for over 5 years. The commitment bears the testimony of the fact that we are the leading authorised SAP education partner in India. We recognize that different customer groups have different training requirements, so we provide variety of training options. We offer comprehensive program, specially designed to improve overall business understandings of the potential SAP consultants who are trained and certified with us.

SAP Business Integrity Screening:

SAP Business Integrity Screening powered by SAP HANA enables enterprises across industries such as Insurance, Public Sector, Banking and Health-Care, Utilities or High Tech to detect, investigate, analyze, and prevent irregularities or fraud in ultra-high volume environments.

  • The application allows for analyzing different types of objects from SAP and non-SAP source systems that may be subject to fraud, such as claims, invoices or payments.
  • It delivers a platform to define detection strategies based on rules and advanced predictive methods. Event based and periodic detection runs create alerts for further investigation.
  • Simple and intuitive UIs enable business users to investigate alerts and determine fraud cases. Extensive reporting capabilities allow for the measurement and calibration of the detection efficiency as well as the performance management of the investigation process.

SAP Audit Management:

SAP Audit Management powered by SAP HANA supports and brings the existing audit process of an organization to "the-next-level" with easy to use audit software.

  • Provides a risk-based approach towards audit planning. Supports the management of audits, work papers and findings (documentation & follow-up).
  • Moves from a functional audit solution approach to a collaborative software solution to Increase effectiveness of audit practitioners and supports them in developing best practice

SAP Business Partner Screening:

SAP Business Partner Screening powered by SAP HANA enables companies to screen their business partners or addresses against various lists such as Sanction lists or Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) provided by data providers.

  • Online, mass and delta screening with risk based strategies to reduce the number of alert
  • One click resolution UI for efficient processing of alerts

SAP Access Control

SAP Access Control allows to Streamline the process of managing and validating user access with governance software that automates user provisioning and helps you certify access to on-premise applications and data. You can also enforce governance by embedding preventative policy checks and monitoring emergency access.

SAP Process Control

SAP Process Control enable continuous control monitoring and reduce compliance risk with automated, integrated process control.

Simplify your internal control programs and gain confidence by automating control and compliance management. You can utilise continuous control monitoring, streamline testing, and reduce risk with real-time insight into control status and key issues.

SAP Risk Management

SAP Risk Management helps to preserve and grow business value with integrated, end-to-end processes for enterprise risk management (ERM).

Get detailed insight into how risk drivers can impact your business value and reputation with a powerful enterprise risk management solution that supports risk identification, assessment, analysis, and monitoring. Make responsible, risk-aware decisions and monitor the effectiveness of risk responses.

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